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Silver Line by Van Dexter Design

Van Dexter Design recognizes that today's economy requires more client options and budget flexibility than ever before. As a local cabinetry and design firm Van Dexter Design, is widley known for their creativity and top quality custom made cabinetry and exceptional customer service.

Van Dexter Design is pleased to offer in addition to our "Gold Standard" true custom cabinetry, a second line consisting of a semi-custom cabinet, called the Van Dexter Design Silver Line.

There have been many instances where our clients make plans to improve the quality of their home, they want the best they can afford, but with the current economy, they're finding budget constraints can limit their options. This alterative is certain to bridge the gap between quality and affordability."

This new Silver Line cabinet is made right here in the USA and is comprised of all wood, dovetail fitted components. Then assembled and finished here in our local shop by our skilled craftsmen allowing them a vast array of options to meet your specifications.

Among the many advantages included is our ability to mix and blend between the new semi-custom "Silver Line" side by side with our time tested "Gold Standard" to facilitate a room or space in your home, consistent with what many clients have come to know as "the best around."

Affordability and quality have never been matched so closely together. Combine that with our reputation of creative designers and trustworthy craftsmen, providing you with value beyond compare.

Van Dexter Design is, and always will be, custom cabinetmakers. Now, with the addition of our "Silver Line" option, our clients can benefit from the chance to use the company they have always wanted, to get the work done promptly and professionally at a very competitive price.

Contact Van Dexter Design today, to make your home truly…

“So Nice to Come Home To”