Top-Notch Shop
Our production facility includes the finest woodworking equipment available.

Our State-of-the-Art
Production Facility

A tour of the production facility at Van Dexter Design, 116 Densten Road, Sewell, New Jersey shows creativity, artistry and innovation. Located in Gloucester County, our state-of-the-art production plant is outfitted complete with modern woodworking equipment for efficient yet traditional woodworking operations. This 5000 square foot facility has the latest in climate control to maintain the proper humidity level for the lumber and materials. We back this up with an impressive task lighting system and a complete dust extraction system. Add in our approved environmentally friendly “finishing department,” thus providing us with a clean, bright working environment that is second to none. Put it all together, and we have a place to create what others can only dream about.

Another advantage is the fact that with the work being done locally and direct from the “cabinetmaker,” they can eliminate the potential project delays in the event of a requested design change. Having the materials and ability to provide a quick turn around like this is rarely found, not to mention a real value to the client.